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Find A House – Choices

Find A House – Choices

Find A House –

So the type of house or Unit Property Title you choose will be influenced by your preferences and budget. This can involve a balancing act between the location, property type and price. You may want to start with a Unit Property Title then build up equity over time then trade up to something larger.

Some things to consider about a location where you may buy a property are:


Is there a good bus and/or train service. How far are you from work, family, friends, shops, etc.


How far is it from schools, hospital, doctor, church, library, restaurants, playgrounds, super market, open spaces etc.


Does the zoning allow substantial changes to be made around you that may be undesirable such as becoming industrial, or allowing high buildings close by.

What school zone is it in?


What are the crime statistics in the area. Is there a playground nearby if you have children.


Is it an established area with trees and gardens. Does the neighbourhood look neat and tidy. Are the neighbours friendly.

Council plans

Is the council planning to put a motorway of other major development nearby.

Undesirable features

  • Heavy traffic roads.
  • Airport flight path over head.
  • Noisy industry.
  • Poor public transport.
  • Central or peripheral

Typically the closer you are to the centre of a major city the higher the cost of a particular sized house is going to be and the less garden space you are likely to have. But you’re likely to be closer to more work and entertainment opportunities.

Home improvement –

Some people have a strategy of buying the worst house on the best street, which then allows them to do it up over time to add value. Which can then be used to sell to trade up to the next level. The converse of this is to buy the best house in the worst street which might get you a better house than if it was in a better location, but the whole neighbourhood would need to improve to get the greatest increase in value, which is unlikely to happen.

Renovations –

Renovating a house is expensive and time consuming. It typically takes longer and costs more than expected, and often makes part of the house unusable. This all puts stress on the house occupants who are effectively living on a building site.

If you have the time and skills to do it your self, you can make substantial savings and add a lot of value to the house. But you may have to consider living some where else if it’s a major renovation, which adds cost and eats into the value gain.

If you want to get some quotes have a look at

Can’t afford the property you want?

You may have to compromise to find a house you can afford.

This could involve:

  • Buy a stepping stone property to get out of the rent trap, where it’s hard to save because the rent consumes too much of your income. Then you can build equity in the property you’ve bought and then sell it to step up the next rung on the property ladder, closer to your ideal home.
  • If the area you’re looking in has a slow market, consider putting in a lower offer than the asking price if that makes it affordable for you.
  • Consider buying a ‘Do Upper’ that’s affordable, so you can add value over time and then move on when you’ve built more equity in the property.


  • Check for any government house buying schemes such as cashing in your Kiwi Saver account for part of the deposit.
  • If you can get a mortgage guarantor such as a parent.
  • Co-buying – Where a group buy a property and share the costs and the equity when you decide to sell.


This is an important factor in determining house prices and there fore their resale value. Desirable areas also attract more competition between purchasers.

Some first home buyers look at the Auckland market and just can’t afford anything. So they look to find a house in other parts of New Zealand and find they can afford something in another location. So decide to move and providing they can earn a reasonable income there, end up being pleased they got out of the Auckland “rat race traffic”.

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